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I Like Your Ponytail, A Story About CommitmentI Like Your Ponytail, A Story About Commitment

“I like your ponytail.” I said in a playful manner. “Ponytail?” he repeated in a thick French accent. There and then began the most extraordinary odyssey of my life.…

Avoid 90% of the Pesticides in Food, by Avoiding 12 Foods

Why should you care about pesticides in your food?For starters there may be as many as twenty pesticides on a single piece of fruit you eat.…

My HeroMy Hero

Dear Mrs. Black,It was January 1967 when this 11 year-old, frightened, little Israeli girl walked into your classroom for the first time. I had only arrived in the country two weeks before.…

We Are Sexual BeingsWe Are Sexual Beings

With sex all around us, oozing out of our televisions, theaters, magazines, fashion, on the streets, one would think we are the most sexually informed, open and comfortable nation on the planet.”…

The Banking ImplosionThe Banking Implosion

I’m sure by now you all have noticed the ongoing meltdown in the mortgage industry. The cause of this whole mess is a little bit complicated, rooted in both the structure of the mortgage industry, and human nature. I’ll try to explain both factors here in layman’s terms.…

Breaking old habits; Creating new Ones

We are mostly habitual beings. Webster defines habit as an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.…

Life is Poetry

  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry


The Role Of Reationships In Our Lives


When it comes to family, friends and acquaintances I find myself not always sure about the purpose of relationships. Should relations be goal oriented or does that interfere with being. Simply what is the purpose of relationships? I have my own thoughts but feel I can improve and want to hear yours to get grounded and release social distortion.



Relationships play a huge role in shaping who we are. It is through relationships that we learn about ourselves. It is in the context of relationships that we experience whether we are kind, generous, open minded, forgiving, funny, sensitive, etc. Relationships are our main source of reflections for who and how we are in the world.

On an emotional level, healthy relationships provide us with nourishment, support, encouragement and an overall sense that we are not alone in the world. They teach us through role modeling or constructive communications how to respond to difficult situations and solve problems.

You are right that most of us bring many distortions into our relationships. These distortions are generally developed in our childhood and are carried by us into our adulthood. They can only be cleared up when we are willing to be vulnerable with another human being and expose our fears and insecurities to them. This is what intimacy is all about.

This is obviously a very big topic. Since your question was very general, I am responding to you in a general manner. If you have a more specific question regarding a relationship, feel free to ask me.


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