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I Like Your Ponytail, A Story About CommitmentI Like Your Ponytail, A Story About Commitment

“I like your ponytail.” I said in a playful manner. “Ponytail?” he repeated in a thick French accent. There and then began the most extraordinary odyssey of my life.…

Avoid 90% of the Pesticides in Food, by Avoiding 12 Foods

Why should you care about pesticides in your food?For starters there may be as many as twenty pesticides on a single piece of fruit you eat.…

My HeroMy Hero

Dear Mrs. Black,It was January 1967 when this 11 year-old, frightened, little Israeli girl walked into your classroom for the first time. I had only arrived in the country two weeks before.…

We Are Sexual BeingsWe Are Sexual Beings

With sex all around us, oozing out of our televisions, theaters, magazines, fashion, on the streets, one would think we are the most sexually informed, open and comfortable nation on the planet.”…

The Banking ImplosionThe Banking Implosion

I’m sure by now you all have noticed the ongoing meltdown in the mortgage industry. The cause of this whole mess is a little bit complicated, rooted in both the structure of the mortgage industry, and human nature. I’ll try to explain both factors here in layman’s terms.…

Breaking old habits; Creating new Ones

We are mostly habitual beings. Webster defines habit as an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.…

Life is Poetry

  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry


About Us

Transform the Planet is an online community intent on promoting and creating a vibrant, peaceful and thriving planet. We believe the greatest pleasures life has to offer is the joy and fulfillment that flows from participating in challenging and constructive undertaking. Given the great potential which exists in each one of us, we know that collectively we can accomplish what could not be accomplished separately.


Imaginal Cells
Have you ever wondered how the caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly? When we learned about this miraculous process we realized that here is the blueprint to transforming the planet.

As the caterpillar turns into a glob in its cocoon, miraculously - out of nowhere - new cells, called the Imaginal Cells, begin to emerge. Perceiving the Imaginal Cells as enemies, the caterpillar cells devour them one by one. It is not until the Imaginal Cells unite with each other, pulling together their energies and resources… that they finally triumph over the others…Voila, a butterfly is born.

Imaginal Humans
Transform the Planet emerged from the recognition that there are countless individuals and organization who are tirelessly working on the myriad of challenges that are currently facing our planet and all its inhabitants. We are clear that in order for us to have greater impact and truly make a difference, like the Imaginal Cells, we need to pool our infinite resources, exchange information, strategize and jointly work to create a force which will transcend our current state of affairs.

Furthermore, we are reaching out to inspire those individuals who have not yet awakened to their true potential, and unite us all around the vision of transforming the planet.

Our Premises
The planet is our greater home.
• We are interconnected, not only to each other, but to a greater universal force, the Creative Source.
• Each one of us has come to this planet to contribute his/her unique essence to serve the whole.
• We possess within us the passion and power to effect great transformation.
• Free will requires having an awareness of the choices we have.
• We can accomplish anything toward which we set our minds, hearts and spirits.

Our Imaginal Strategy
We have created a three pronged approach to advancing change: