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I Like Your Ponytail, A Story About CommitmentI Like Your Ponytail, A Story About Commitment

“I like your ponytail.” I said in a playful manner. “Ponytail?” he repeated in a thick French accent. There and then began the most extraordinary odyssey of my life.…

Avoid 90% of the Pesticides in Food, by Avoiding 12 Foods

Why should you care about pesticides in your food?For starters there may be as many as twenty pesticides on a single piece of fruit you eat.…

My HeroMy Hero

Dear Mrs. Black,It was January 1967 when this 11 year-old, frightened, little Israeli girl walked into your classroom for the first time. I had only arrived in the country two weeks before.…

We Are Sexual BeingsWe Are Sexual Beings

With sex all around us, oozing out of our televisions, theaters, magazines, fashion, on the streets, one would think we are the most sexually informed, open and comfortable nation on the planet.”…

The Banking ImplosionThe Banking Implosion

I’m sure by now you all have noticed the ongoing meltdown in the mortgage industry. The cause of this whole mess is a little bit complicated, rooted in both the structure of the mortgage industry, and human nature. I’ll try to explain both factors here in layman’s terms.…

Breaking old habits; Creating new Ones

We are mostly habitual beings. Webster defines habit as an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.…

Life is Poetry

  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry



Latest Honda Runs on Hydrogen, Not Petroleum

With predictions that gas will soon reach five dollars a gallon, the production of the first hydrogen-powered fuel cell car has caused a stir. Even though, Honda will only produce 200 cars to start with, it has caught the attention of the public. The fuel cells work by combining hydrogen and oxygen from ordinary air to make electricity, which then powers the car. However, there are certain drawbacks that must be conquered before these cars, which according to Honda can get up to 74 miles per gallon, can become the mainstream of American society..  read more »

Crazy innovations might just be crazy enough to work

Ever think of using kites to help haul a 10,000 ton freighters? How about using sun-baked roads to heat houses and offices or maybe using the body heat of daily commuters to warm an office building?

That is the kind of drive to innovate and succeed that spurs an economy to revitalize, and spurs a nation onwards towards excellence. I am just sorry that it was so long in coming and sorrier that there is still so little of it here in America.  read more »

Digital Tools Help Users Save Energy

How would people react if given the means to closely monitor and adjust their electricity? The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the Energy Department suggested that if consumers were given digital tools to set temperatures and price preferences, the peak loads on utility grids could save up to 15% a year. The results of the experiment even surprised the Energy Department. How did the consumers react when given the choice between comfort and cost? How much could this save over a long period of time?  read more »

Did You Know?

Regardless on your interpretation of the facts presented, this brief video presents an uncommon view of the current state and direction of our world. From technology to education, from employment to global economic trends the statistics are worth at least an 8 minute pause.

The video is a June 2007 update to the original "Shift Happens" video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod.  read more »

Do we have to get to give

Beginning November 12 the One Laptop Per Child program will introduce its Give One Get One program where consumers can purchase one of the devices of $399 and a second will be sent to a child in a developing country.  read more »