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I Like Your Ponytail, A Story About CommitmentI Like Your Ponytail, A Story About Commitment

“I like your ponytail.” I said in a playful manner. “Ponytail?” he repeated in a thick French accent. There and then began the most extraordinary odyssey of my life.…

Avoid 90% of the Pesticides in Food, by Avoiding 12 Foods

Why should you care about pesticides in your food?For starters there may be as many as twenty pesticides on a single piece of fruit you eat.…

My HeroMy Hero

Dear Mrs. Black,It was January 1967 when this 11 year-old, frightened, little Israeli girl walked into your classroom for the first time. I had only arrived in the country two weeks before.…

We Are Sexual BeingsWe Are Sexual Beings

With sex all around us, oozing out of our televisions, theaters, magazines, fashion, on the streets, one would think we are the most sexually informed, open and comfortable nation on the planet.”…

The Banking ImplosionThe Banking Implosion

I’m sure by now you all have noticed the ongoing meltdown in the mortgage industry. The cause of this whole mess is a little bit complicated, rooted in both the structure of the mortgage industry, and human nature. I’ll try to explain both factors here in layman’s terms.…

Breaking old habits; Creating new Ones

We are mostly habitual beings. Webster defines habit as an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.…

Life is Poetry

  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry
  • Life is Poetry


The Little Angel From Colombia

Using One's Life

It was 1991. Colombia was still reverberating from the ongoing war between the government and the rebels. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire. Many died or were injured in the process. Many others escaped their villages and homes to seek refuge and safety. With nothing on their backs, they fled to other parts of the country. Most settled on vacant hilltops where they build makeshift homes made of broken tree limbs and other debris they found in the area. In these shantytowns, as they were called, lived many elderly people. The majority of them, some in their eighty’s and ninety’s, were sick, alone and poverty stricken. Abandoned by their families and their government, these poor souls were left to fend for themselves.

In a northern shantytown in Bucaramanga, an angel was born. His name is Alvero. Born in 1981 to a loving and supportive parents, Alvero experienced poverty all around him. Unable to afford school, Alvero spent much of his day in the streets. At the tender age of eight, while walking in the street, Alvero came across an emaciated woman eating dog feces and cigarette butts. When he asked where why she was eating these awful things, she replied because she was hungry. His heart broke into a million pieces. There and then he knew that he could never allow another human being to suffer this kind of humiliation.

With absolute purpose and focus, Alvero rounded up several other neighborhood children and enlisted them in his mission, to care for the elderly in their community. By the age of nine, Alvero had developed a complete social infrastructure that would provide for the overall well being of these individuals. He would start early in the morning, hopping on a bus that would take him into the nearest town. In town, he would go to the various fish, fruits, vegetables, and bakery goods vendors and request donations for his older people. Over time, the vendors got to know him and would have their contributions ready for pickup. Putting all of the goods in a bag that is almost as tall as he was, Alvero would get back on the bus and return to his home.

At his home, which was the headquarters for these guardian angels, Alvero met with his little protégés to begin the packaging and distribution of the goods he brought back. In groups of two’s, each group had its own delivery route. While this began with a desire to provide food for the elderly, Alvero quickly realized that they had many more needs than food, the most important of which is love. Isolated, helpless, feeble and dependent, until Alvero’s intervention, many of them experienced a complete lack of human contact. As he and the others got to know them better, he began to see the impact of his touch, his loving, encouraging words and his commitment had on their overall well-being.

His love and devotion for them grew. He not only brought them food, he also began to care for every one of their needs. To the sick, he would bring medicine; for the destitute he raised money to pay their rent or utility bills; for the homeless he would find homes. The children fed, bathed and dressed the paralyzed ones. Additionally, every Sunday the stronger ones were invited to his home where they would play music and learn to dance. This angel and his cohorts brought warmth, dignity, and love to these once abandoned people.

As the angels group was expanding, in order to demonstrate accountability and integrity, the group chose a board of trusties as well as a president and a vice president. All contributions were documented and accounted for. These angels’ ages ranged from five to ten years old. Alvero demanded total commitment from his angels. Lateness or absences were not tolerated.


beautiful story, very touching, specially because i'm from colombia. i'd love to see the documentary, what's the name? can i get it from netflix?


The name of this documentary is The Little Angel From Columbia. I would think Netflix would have it, but if they don't you could Google it and I am sure you can find it. It is one of the most moving movies I have ever seen in my life. I tried to capture its essence, but obviously watching the movie will impact you even more.

Let me know if you find it.



I just can't get over the age at which he began doing this. At 8 years old I would not have conceived of the possibility of success in an effort of any scale. I think most people approach this kind of situation with a sense of helplessness and self-pity. Now that is power.


I saw this documentary a few years ago and was so so moved by it that I went on an expedition to get the video. Finally I tracked it down to a PBS station in Florida and bought my treasured copy. I show it to my 9th grade students as an encouragement for them to be empathetic to those around them. They love Angel and its great to see him grow into a man right in front of you....Now I'm waiting for the next follow up.
I have read that this film is no longer available to buy. I will treasure my copy even more


I was fortnuate enough to borrow a tape with the movie and now I have transfered it to a DVD. any interested people should contact




Yep, it seems that I dont have it anymore. Let someone borrow it for a few weeks, and its unreadable now. The Cd is scratched.


Does anybody know where I can buy this on the internet can't find this any where.


Hi this film was so moving in a training I took on elder care. I have wanted to share this with kids I know and with friends but no luck. I would be SOOOOO grateful for support in finding a copy of this film. If you know please email me at THANKS!!!


I just finish watching this movie with my friend. It's the most beautiful story I've ever heard. All I want is to follow Alvero's example and care for those who are alone, poor, and forgotten by our society. What an example!!! What a love!!!


Little Angel From Columbia Video Can anyone Help me Find Please


I'm desperately looking for these documentaries. Does anyone know where to purchase them? Please email me @ Many thanks!


I just saw your thread. I purchased the video a few years ago. I too saw it on TV (Late at night). I was so moved I just had to get a copy. I am a religion teacher at a high school and so I wanted it to show my students. I tracked a copy down to a public station in florida. Years later I still play it to all my classes. Im actually showing it this week with a work sheet. I have found it on youtube but with a spanish narrator and english subtitles. If I can work out how-to I will try to upload my Vhs copy to youtube.


Oh my goodness!!! i have been searching for this documentry for YEARS!!!! I dont even know why I tried again but this time i found the story EXCEPT come to find out the print is no longer available... does anybody have a copy? or know where I can find one!!! im so bummed.

There is a copy available on youtube but its translated over the original so the quality isnt as good - the expressions in the translated version kind of take away from its original....

Please please :)



It's on YouTube.


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